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BAFS Team Announcement
BAFS Team Announcement

HKICPA Award Ceremony for Secondary Schools 2018-2019

The BAFS Team is pleased to announce that Ng Man Kit (5E), Wong Chun Yat (5E), Yuen Ka Him (5E), Lee Perry (5F) and Au Wang Leong (5G) have obtained marvellous results in the HKICPA Accounting and Business Management Case Competition 2018-19. Their team was selected as one of the merit teams of the competition.
Organized by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), the competition aims at developing the ability of senior secondary school students, especially those studying Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, in using accounting information for business development and to improve their enabling skills as required by today’s business world.

Participating teams are required to submit a written business proposal to analyze a selected company’s business performance and to give recommendation on strategies to sustain the company’s growth.

This year, students worked in team to formulate a business plan of HK$10 million for Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) to further enhance the performance of HKTV Group’s online shopping operations in Hong Kong. Our team was selected as one of the merit teams of the competition, with their key strategy, “SMART” shopping, which is a series of promotional projects that enhance the online shopping operations of HKTV.

Congratulations to the team for their achievements. Our students would like to express their sincere gratitude to their teacher advisor Ms. Helen Law for her guidance throughout the competition. 

Badminton Team Announcement
Badminton Team Announcement

La Salle College Badminton Team being the Ultimate Grand Slam Champions of the Year

La Salle College is pleased and proud to announce that our Badminton Team has captured the Champions of the All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Badminton (Team) Tournament for the fourth consecutive year by beating Raimondi College at the Final by 3 : 1 on 17 May 2019.

In addition to the Champions won by the team earlier, our Badminton Team is the first boys' team winning all the seven Team Championship titles in Hong Kong in one school year, namely the A, B, C Grades and Overall of the Interschool Badminton Competition (Kowloon Division One), both the Open and Junior Sections of the BOC (HK) Hong Kong Inter-School Badminton Team Championships and the All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Badminton (Team) Tournament.

The College would like to commend the dedication and hard work of all the players on the team. Their teamwork and discipline have paid off. They are the exemplary role models of true "boys of courage" who are "something more".

The College would also like to congratulate their Coach, Mr. Terry Lam, and Teacher Advisor, Mr. Peter Leung, for the marvelous achievement. The support from the Student Association, Old Boys and parents are also highly appreciated. 

Award Winners in the 30th Selection of Good Books for Secondary Students (第30屆中學生好書龍虎榜)
Award Winners in the 30th Selection of Good Books for Secondary Students (第30屆中學生好書龍虎榜)

Award Winners in the 30th Selection of Good Books for Secondary Students (第30屆中學生好書龍虎榜)

Choi Yung Kin (3G) and Ting Shi Long (4G) have achieved marvellous results in the 30th Selection of Good Books for Secondary Students Competition, organized by the Professional Teachers' Union.

The College congratulates all participants, the awardees and the Chinese Language teachers.

Results were as follows:
Book Report Competition (Junior Section) Merit: Choi Yung Kin (3G)
Book Review Competition (Senior Section) Second Place: Ting Shi Long (4G) 

Interschool Archery Competitions 2018-19
Interschool Archery Competitions 2018-19

Team Events
A Grade: Champions
B Grade: Second
C Grade: Fourth
Overall: Champions

Individual Events
A Grade
Champion: Wong Sung Tin (6A)
Third: Yiu Ngo Him Jasper (5E)
Fourth: Lee Chun Yin Isaac (5E)
Sixth: Lo Tsz Lam (5D)

B Grade
Sixth: Ho Wesley (3C)
Eighth: Tsang Cheuk Yin (3F)

C Grade
Third: Chan Ho Fun Bryan (2G)
Fifth: Chan Yi Yu (2C)

Congratulations to the team and thanks to their coach Mr Yeung, teacher advisors Mr Leung, Mr Chan and all old boy and parent supporters.

Announcement of the Chinese History Department (全港中國歷史校際精英問答比賽)
Announcement of the Chinese History Department (全港中國歷史校際精英問答比賽)

The Chinese History Department is pleased to announce that our student Kung Leong Hang(F.4F) was awarded a championship in the Online Chinese History Quiz(個人狀元獎第一名). In addition, Mr. Marco Mak was awarded the brilliant teacher advisor(傑出老師獎). The prize giving ceremony was held in Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters on 3rd May 2019.

Congratulations to Mr Mak and Leong Yung for their achievement.

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