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Alumni Manager Election 2024  
Alumni Manager Election 2024  

Election Day: 13 July 2024 (Saturday)

Venue: La Salle College

Polling Hours: Ballot drop boxes will accept voted ballots from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Counting of ballots will start at 5:00 pm


Rules of Procedures for Alumni Manager Election:


Nomination Form:
LSCOBA (AM Election 2024) – Nomination Form

Voter Registration Form:
LSCOBA (AM Election 2024) – Voter Registration Form


The Chinese History Department is thrilled to announce that our students have delivered an outstanding performance in 「第七屆中國歷史校際精英問答比賽」 :

Team awards: 2nd runners-up Lam Ching Yin (3B), Tam Lok Yin (2D), Zachary Lo (2F) ,Cheng Ching Him (3A), Chan Hei Man Kelvin (2C), Lam Hei Chit Cyrus (2D) and Wong Yin Hei (2G)

Individual awards: 個人狀元獎 Tam Lok Yin Zachary (2D)

Outstanding teacher advisors' award:Mr. Tsang Wai Chung

Congratulations to the team and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our principal Mr Leung’s support, Mr. Tsang's guidance, all student coaches and supporters. 

Monthly Assemblies (June 2024)
Monthly Assemblies (June 2024)

The Senior and Junior Form Assemblies took place on 3rd and 4th June respectively. Both assemblies commenced with a short prize presentation of the Chinese History Inter-School Elite Quiz Competition, the STEM+E competition, and the 2024 Inter-school Pool Championships, in which our students have achieved stellar results.

Our school team was awarded the 2nd runner-up, with Tam Lok Yin Zachary receiving the 個人狀元獎, which ranks him as one of the only 10 students in Hong Kong. STEM+E Competition and has achieved remarkable results, earning overall 2nd runner-up, in which Chan Cheuk Him Oscar was awarded the Most Valuable Player. Chan Lap Yan Sky and Ho Shing Hei Carson were awarded 1st runner-up at the 2024 Inter-school Pool Championships.

The assemblies were then followed by a series of presentations and sharing on the Chinese History Inter-school Elite Quiz Competition, the STEM+E Competition, the Health and Environmental Promotion Team, the Shanxi Study Tour, the Greater Bay Area Tour and the Y-Dragon Leadership Programme.  

Sports Prize Giving Ceremony
Sports Prize Giving Ceremony

On a celebratory note, our school's annual Sports Prize Giving Ceremony was held on 31 May 2024 to applaud the remarkable talents and unwavering dedication of our student-athletes. The Honourable Duncan Chiu, Chairman of Hong Kong Squash and Secretary General of the Asian Squash Federation (Class of 1991), joined the official party to celebrate the achievements of our sportsmen.

Through tireless training and unyielding perseverance, these remarkable individuals have distinguished themselves, upholding the College's proud sporting legacy. Whether securing championship titles, breaking records, or embodying the spirit of sportsmanship, each honouree has made invaluable contributions that inspire their peers. As we commend their achievements, we are reminded that success is not merely measured by the medals earned, but by the strength of character and commitment displayed throughout their journeys. Their triumphs serve as a testament to the transformative power of sports in shaping the young minds and bodies of our Lasallian boys. 

HKU MBBS Interview Preparation Workshop
HKU MBBS Interview Preparation Workshop

Our Form 6 students were granted an exclusive opportunity to connect with esteemed medical doctors and professors on 31 May 2024. The speeches delivered by Prof. Ivan Hung, Prof. Patrick Chung, Dr. Frankie Tam and Dr. Daniel Wong were thought-provoking.

Through group and individual interview simulations, the participants gained invaluable insights into the HKU MBBS programme and learned effective strategies to excel in their upcoming admissions interviews.

This exceptional workshop provided students with a platform for preparation, presentation, and practice, setting them on a path towards their medical aspirations. 

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