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Bronze Medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad
2018 HKDSE Results
2018 Physics Olympiad competitions.
2017-2018 Hong Kong Jockey Club Cup Futsal ( School Section) Competition
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News & Events
Bronze Medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad
Bronze Medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad

The Math Team is pleased to announce that Wong Tsz Chuen (6G) obtained a Bronze Medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad held in Romania a week ago. There are 109 teams with 594 participants from all over the world joining this IMO. USA, Russia and China ranked the top three teams in the Olympiad. Hong Kong team obtained two bronze medals this year and one came from our student.
The Team would like to congratulate Tsz Chuen for the marvellous achievement and thank his teacher advisor Miss Luk for her guidance and support.

2018 HKDSE Results
2018 HKDSE Results

The College is pleased to announce that our F6 students have done a marvelous job in the 2018 DSE.
Wong Tsz Hang (6G) scored nine 5** in all the subjects he sat for. Tsz Hang is the first student to score all 5** in nine subjects territory wide.
Other students who also achieved marvelous results are:

Tang Lok Kan Chang Ho Hin Mai Kok Chi Curtis  
Ng Cheuk Yin  Yu Sheung Him Ambrose  Wong Pak Man  
Lo Hon Yin  Wong Chung Yin  Chung Ming Hin  
Or Wing Yan  Chan Tou Sen  Lau Chun Ho  
Cheng Kwong Ki  Lee Shing Him Matthew    Lee Chun Sing   
Chi Ling Hoi  Pang Chun Yat Bryan    Chiu Timothy Lok Hin   
Chong Wing Heung  Yung Tsun Fung    Lee Wang Fung   
Lo Kwan Yiu   Lee Lap Chun     

Congratulations to all the students for achieving marvelous results and the College wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.

Form 1 Registration
Form 1 Registration

Date: 12-13 July, 2018
Venue: School Hall, LG2, La Salle College

Regarding F.1 Registration, La Salle College Parent Teacher Association (LSCPTA) would like to remind parents to bring along the following items on Registration Days:
- Student’s S1 Placement Slip issued by EDB
- Student’s HKID Card
- At least 2 signed cheques payable to “LSCPTA” (to submit fees for PTA membership & F.1 Summer Bridging Programme)
- At least 2 recent photograph of student (preferably in primary school uniform)
- Cash for buying:
1) PE uniform (summer PE uniform: around HK$68-84)
2) School tie & badge (HK$45/set)
3) School uniform (shirts & trousers) (optional) (Cash deposit $100)
4) PTA products (socks, bags, etc.) and other products (optional)

Moreover, please also note that we will collect the following personal details on Registration Days:
- Weight (kg) and height (cm) of student
- Email address of parents
- Email address of student
- Student’s achievement records in sports competition 

2018 Physics Olympiad competitions.
2018 Physics Olympiad competitions.

The Physics Department is pleased to announce that our school Physics Team has achieved marvellous results in 2018 Physics Olympiad competitions.
Details are as follows:


1. 19th Asian Physics Olympiad (2018), Hanoi, Vietnam (5th to 13th May, 2018)
Student representative of Hong Kong Team: Leung Joshua (5G)

2. 49th International Physics Olympiad (2018), Lisbon, Portugal (21st to 30th July, 2018)
Student representative of Hong Kong Team: Leung Joshua (5G)

3. The 15th Pan-Pearl River Delta and Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad (2018)
Senior level
Second Class Awards: Leung Joshua (5G)
First Class Award: Lee Wan (4G)
Second Class Award: Ng Chi Kin (4G)
Third Class Award: Choi Tsz Ho (4G)

4. Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2018
The Best School Award: La Salle College (1st Position)
Champion of the Outstanding Student Performance Awards:
Lee Wan (4G)
Best Junior Students of the Outstanding Student Performance Awards:
Lau Chek Hang (3A)
First Class Honours: Lau Chek Hang (3A), Choi Tsz Ho (4G), Lee Wan (4G), Ng Chi Kin (4G), Yeh King Fai (4G)
Second Class Honours: Choi Wai Ching (3F), Lee Wing Pok (4F)
Third Class Honours: Chow King Ngai (4G), Chu Pok Ho (4G), Tsang Hin Cheong (4G)
Honourable Mention: Wong Chun Sheung Marco (4G), Yu Man On (4G)

The Physics Team would like to thank their teacher advisors Mr Fong, Mr Lee, Mr Lo and Mr Ho for their guidance and support.

Brother Thomas Cup
Brother Thomas Cup

The results of Brother Thomas Cup (2017-18)

Brother Thomas Cup  
1st LSC
2nd KTMC
Brother Thomas Plate  
2nd DLS
3rd WYK
Brother Thomas Bowl  
1st BHJS
4th  WCMSS

Brother Thomas Cup

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