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White Coat Inauguration Ceremony for Medical Freshmen 2019
Student Association Inauguration Ceremony
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Special Announcement

Please note the following:

1 EDB announces class suspension of all schools from 14th to 17th Nov. All school-organized activities taking place after school from 14th Nov to 17th Nov are canceled.

2 Under safe conditions, our College will keep our premises open, for those students who have a genuine need to return to school.

3 The Speech Day and the Fun Day will be postponed to later dates.

4 Homework for students via the Google Classrooms or eClass will be arranged by teachers.

The safety of our students is always our top priority. They are strongly recommended to stay home and keep away from areas of trouble. Please check the school website and eClass for the latest information.

Form One Information Day 2019 Presentation Slides
Form One Information Day 2019 Presentation Slides

Attached please find the presentation slides for the Form One Information Day held on 2nd November 2019.

We thank all parents and students who came for the talk and hope the session is useful to them.

Presentation Slides


Form One Information Day 2019
Form One Information Day 2019

Dear Parents of P.6 students,

La Salle College is holding a Form One Information Day on 2nd November 2019 (Saturday) to introduce school life and the Form One Admission process to parents of P.6 students. Interested parents should complete the online registration on or before 24th October 2019 (Thursday).

Date : 2nd November 2019 (Saturday)
Time : 9:30a.m. - 11:30a.m.
Venue : La Salle College School Hall
Rundown :
9:30am - 10:00am Registration
10:00am - 11:30am Admission Talk

(Please note that registration is open at 12:00 noon on 18th October 2019 via this link

Places are limited and will be allocated on a ‘first-come-first-served basis’. Once you have registered on the system, a reply email will be issued regarding your registration status. Successful applicants please print out your confirmation ticket with the unique registration number and QR code and bring it to the Information Day.

For details, please contact Mr. Simon Yeung by [email protected]

* No parking spaces will be available.

With best wishes,

WS Tong,
Principal, La Salle College

White Coat Inauguration Ceremony for Medical Freshmen 2019
White Coat Inauguration Ceremony for Medical Freshmen 2019

16 students were admitted to the medical faculty of CUHK. On Saturday 21st September, they attended the White Coat Inauguration Ceremony for Medical Freshmen 2019. Apart from thanking their teachers and parents, they took an oath pledging to better serve their patients and the medical profession. The students are:

TANG Hong Ting
FONG Man Lok Matthew
LI Chak Yan
HUI Yau Wang Wayne
CHIK William
LOONG Eddrick Chik Hei
TSOI Pui Lam
WONG Tat Yeung
LAM Chun Him
MOK Kwan Lam Prudence
WONG Chi Fung
YAO Alan Yong
SIU Tsz Chung
SIU Ho Yin
HUI Yau Ho Herbert

Congratulations to all the students. The College wishes them every success in their studies and future endeavours. 

Student Association Inauguration Ceremony
Student Association Inauguration Ceremony

The College is pleased to announce that the 45th Student Association Executive Committee was inaugurated on 16th September, 2019.The Cabinet includes:


Marco Yu 5G

Chairman of CRB

Bosco Lee 5F

Chairman of CCB

Matt Siu 5F

Chairman of DB

Max Tung 5G

Secretary General

Matthew Lee 5D

Chairman of PB

Haaron Ting 5G


Ryan Ho 5G


Congratulations to Marco and his Cabinet and we wish them every success in the school year 2019-2020. 

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