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2019 Ten Outstanding Young People Award
The Wind Orchestra captured a Gold Prize in the 2019 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows competition
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White Coat Inauguration Ceremony for Medical Freshmen 2019
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Reminder for F.1 Registration at La Salle College
Reminder for F.1 Registration at La Salle College

F.1 Registration at La Salle College
Date: 9-10 July, 2020
Time: 09:00-12:30, 14:00-16:00
Venue: School Hall & Gymnasium (LG2), La Salle College

Regarding the F.1 Registration, La Salle College would like to remind parents to bring along the following items on Registration Days:

  • Student’s S1 Placement Slip issued by EDB
  • Student’s HKID Card
  • At least 2 signed cheques payable to “LSCPTA” (to submit fees for PTA membership & F.1 Summer Bridging Programme)
  • At least 2 recent photographs of student (preferably in primary school uniform)
  • Cash for buying:

1) Summer PE uniform (around HK$100)
2) School tie & badge (HK$30/set)
3) School uniform (shirts & trousers) (optional)
4) PTA products (socks, bags, etc.) and other products (optional)

Moreover, please also note that we will collect the following personal details on Registration Days:

  • Weight (kg) and height (cm) of student
  • Email address of parents
  • Email address of student
  • Student’s achievement records of sport competitions
  • Student’s achievement records of S.T.E.M. competitions

To maintain proper social distance among attendees, ONE parent and her/his son are expected from each family. 

Chinese Debating Team announcement
Chinese Debating Team announcement

The Chinese Debating Team is pleased to announce that they have captured the first runner-up in the 35th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition (Chinese Section) held on 26 th June 2020.

Team members are:
Kwok Alex 4E (17)
Chan Cheuk Hang Marcus 4F (3)
Cheung Ngo Hin 4G (5)
Chan Nok Him 4C (1)
Chan Kai Chit Keith 3E (3)
Chan Anson Hok Yin 3D (2)
Luo Ho Chun 1A (20) 

Congratulations to the Chinese Debating Team and thanks to their advisors Mr. Kuk, Mr. Poon, Mr. Tsang, Ms Woo, Ms Yu all old boy and parent supporters. 

Math Team announcement
Math Team announcement

The Math team is pleased to announce that they have achieved marvelous results in the International Mathematical Olympiad Selection Contest 2020. Results are as follows:

Gold award
Wong Long Hin 4G
Tang Ho Yin 4G
Silver award
Kan Cheuk Hin 5G
Chong Hon Tsun 1F
Bronze award
Ma Tin Lok 5G
Xie Lingrui 4G
Ng Cheuk Him 1D

Congratulations to all the prize winners and thanks to their teacher advisor Ms Luk for her guidance and support. 

Student's achievements
Student's achievements

We are pleased to announce that two of our students, Lai Ching Kei (5G) and Ma Tin Lok (5G) have been awarded the AmCham Charitable Foundation 2019/2020 Prize Book Award and the Princeton Club of Hong Kong - Book Award 2020 respectively.

The AmCham Charitable Foundation Prize Book Award is given to students in the next-to-graduating class who demonstrate excellence in scholarship with achievements in community service, leadership, and other related fields.

As for the Princeton Club of Hong Kong - Book Award, it is given to students who exemplify excellence in academic, service, and leadership excellence. Awardees need to demonstrate a high degree of academic excellence, including a strong motivation to learn and active engagement in academic pursuits inside or outside of school, in addition to a dedication to serve the local or world community as well as leadership skills in non-academic endeavours.

Congratulations to Lai Ching Kei and Ma Tin Lok again for gaining the awards! 

A Film About Lasallians Produced By Lasallians: Brotherhood
A Film About Lasallians Produced By Lasallians: Brotherhood

"Brotherhood: 喇沙情" is not only a compelling description of the college's history, but also a captivating look at what makes La Salle unique - the bond among Lasallians. Weaved with inspiring interview footage, this short film tells the remarkable story of the development of the College, and the experience and achievements of her students.

Hear from the Lasallians themselves and find out what it is really like to be part of this unique family and how the school's motto "Fides et Opera" had shaped them into who they are.

A film about Lasallians, produced by Lasallians. "That makes La Salle, La Salle!"



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