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The 73rd Music Festival Results
Talent Quest Champions
Grant Schools Prayer Chain - For courage to face the pandemic situation
Geography Olympiad (iGeo)
Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Programme
Grant Schools Prayer Chain – For God’s guidance and wisdom during the pandemic
Grant Schools Prayer Chain – The well-being of S6 students
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News & Events
The 73rd Music Festival Results
The 73rd Music Festival Results

The Music Department would like to announce the following results of the 73rd Hong Kong Music Festival (2021) 

Name  Competition Place
Lin Yiheng Senior Piano Solo (Chinese Composers) 1st
So Hoi Yin Senior Clarinet Solo 3rd
Mak Chun Hin Ivan Senior Piano Duet 1st
Chiu Ka Hei Cyrus Senior Ruan Solo 3rd
Wong Wan Chun Junior Clarinet Solo 3rd
Leung Yiu Chung Senior Ruan Solo 1st
Lam Yeung Advanced Di Solo 2nd
Lam Yeung Senior Xiao Solo 2nd
Mak Chi Hin Bryan Senior Piano Duet 1st
Huang Yu Shing Bosco Advanced Suona Solo 2nd
Kwok Hoi Tsun Senior Double Bass Solo 3rd
Wong Raphael Chun  Yin Senior Clarinet Solo 3rd

Congratulations to all the prizewinners.


Talent Quest Champions
Talent Quest Champions

Congratulations to Donald Leung (2A) for winning the Talent Quest solo champion, and Donald Leung & Max Yeung (2C) on winning the group championship.

Despite the pandemic, the first ever online Talent Quest was held. Contestants had to overcome many difficulties, from broadcasting their performances live from their own homes to performing in the first ever Talent Quest without a live audience.

Needless to say, Donald and Donald & Max’s victories were certainly hard-earned. Congratulations to the boys once again. 

Grant Schools Prayer Chain - For courage to face the pandemic situation
Grant Schools Prayer Chain - For courage to face the pandemic situation

Heavenly Father,

We pray to thank you for blessing us with hope and peace as we continue to face the pandemic with courage, patience and intelligence.

COVID-19 has taken a much more serious toll on our brothers and sisters in some parts of the world, where the spread of the virus accelerates exponentially. As we pray for their safety and wellness, may we remember to follow the Lord’s example to share with each other the grace and love that you have given us. May we always bear in mind that solidarity in our faith and support for each other will help us overcome the ordeal of this pandemic.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.

St. John Baptist De La Salle, pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever. 

Geography Olympiad (iGeo)
Geography Olympiad (iGeo)

Choi Yung Kin Bosco (5G) has been selected to represent Hong Kong in the International Geography Olympiad (iGeo), which will be held in August, 2021. The iGeo is an internationally renowned competition which has long been well received by 16-to-19-year-old geography students from all over the world. Yung Kin has captured second-runner up in the Hong Kong Geography Olympiad and has gone through additional written tests and an interview to join Team HK.

Bosco would like to express his sincere gratitude to Ms. Tracy Leung for her guidance and support throughout the competition.

Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Programme
Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Programme

The Toastmasters International, La Salle College, Youth Leadership Programme - Speech Contest cum Graduation Ceremony was successfully held online on 17 April, 2021 (Sat).

We were honored to have Br Thomas as the Guest of Honour and he gave us some timeless words of wisdom.

A total of eighteen F.1 and F.2 students successfully completed the programme. They found that over the six months, they became better speakers and communicators in English after taking the various YLP workshops offered by a range of speakers from the Toastmasters Community.

The results of the Speech Contest are:

International (prepared) Speech
1st : Cyrus Ngan (F.1D)
2nd: Martin Chan (F.1D)
3rd: Gabriel Cheng (F.1C)

Best Evaluator:
Kyle Tse (F.1F)

We would like to acknowledge and thank especially, Br Thomas and Mr Tong for their unconditional support; Ms Sina Lo, Ms Wendy Ho, and Ms May Wong for their hard work and perseverance, and the Toastmasters International (District 89) for their enthusiastic assistance and guidance throughout the process.

Congratulations to the winners and all the graduates!

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