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Prize Presentation Assembly
French Dictation Prize giving ceremony
Greater Bay Area Field Trip
Staff Development Workshop
LYM Feast Day Service at Food Angel
School Assemblies (May)
Inaugural Lecture of the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund Professorship in Robotic Surgery - CUHK
Voyages en Asie Pacifique - Students' Participation in writing a book
News & Events
Prize Presentation Assembly
Prize Presentation Assembly

A Special Assembly took place on 21 May, 2024, to acknowledge and honor the
accomplishments of our students who took part in external competitions and events. Awards
were given to the achievers of Kowloon City Outstanding Students Award, Outstanding Ethnic
Minority Student Award Scheme, exceptional performers of the 75th Hong Kong Schools
Speech Festival, team members of the 1st Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Greater Bay Area Secondary
Schools Debate Competition, representative of the Territory wide Inter-school National Security
Knowledge Challenge and team members of 32nd Hong Kong Secondary School Student’s Top
Ten News Election - News decoding Challenge Day Competition. Such remarkable
achievements uplift the spirit of teachers and students along their way in striving for excellence. 

French Dictation Prize giving ceremony
French Dictation Prize giving ceremony

The French Dictation 2024, organised by The Association of French Teachers in Hong Kong gathered 207 participants from 14 schools. Among the 17 winners, three of them were French boys and NCS students from La Salle College. The prize giving ceremony was held at the French Consulate on the 10th of May where the champions and their families were invited. Congratulations to them! 

Greater Bay Area Field Trip
Greater Bay Area Field Trip

On our long 5 day weekend, our students alongside our teachers went on a study tour in the Greater Bay Area. The trip aimed to widen our students’ horizons with learning tasks related to Economics, Technology and City Development. We visited a lot of different places including: Silver Plan Industry Ltd. ~銀圖電器(深圳)實業有限公司, Guangzhou Meteorological Satellite Station ~廣州氣象衛星地面站科普園區, and more destinations.

During the trip, the students visited several AI and technology companies in the Greater Bay Area, including SenseTime's AI data center, Silver PLan's hardware factory, iFLYTEK's language AI, and GAC Aion's electric vehicles. They learned about cutting-edge AI applications like facial recognition, autopilot, and language translation. The students also visited the Guangzhou Meteorological Satellite Station and the Wangwang food company, gaining insights into China's technological advancements and the importance of the Greater Bay Area. Finally, they learned about entrepreneurship at the Guangzhou Tianhe Hong Kong & Macau Youth Association and traveled home via the high-speed Fuxing train, amazed by the technology.

Our students had a fruitful trip to the Greater Bay Area as they were able to take away a lot of knowledge from the visits to various places. It was a wonderful experience for both the students and teachers.

#lasalle #fieldtrip #gba #greaterbayarea #lasallecollege #travel #guangzhou #shenzhen #nansha 

Staff Development Workshop
Staff Development Workshop

The Staff Development workshop, themed "Cultivating Mental Wellness and Empowering the Team for Success", is an initiative aimed at promoting a healthy work environment by prioritizing mental wellness. The event's objectives are multifaceted, aiming to raise awareness about the significance of self-awareness and mental health in the workplace, encourage open communication and collaboration within the team, and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own mental health while supporting their colleagues in doing the same. By fostering a culture of support and understanding, this workshop seeks to create a more positive and productive work environment for all involved. 

LYM Feast Day Service at Food Angel
LYM Feast Day Service at Food Angel

In celebration of the Feast Day of our Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle, volunteers from the Lasallian Youth Movement dedicated their holiday to serve at the Food Angel on 16 May.

These dedicated volunteers prepared nutritious lunch boxes for individuals who are less fortunate in our society. By embodying St La Salle's core values of "Faith, Service, Community," they have exemplified the essence of his teachings. We are confident that the enduring legacy of St. La Salle, which has reached 80 countries worldwide, will continue to thrive and illuminate lives far beyond the boundaries of the Lasallian community.
#sjbdls #faith #service #community #somethingmore #lasalle #lsc 

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