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Speech Day 2020
GRUEN Project Announcement
Green Prefects Announcement
Gifted Education Programmes
Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2020
Notice of the Alumni Manager Election 2020
Alumni Manager election
News & Events
Speech Day 2020
Speech Day 2020

Speech Day for the class of 2020 was held on 20th November 2020. We were pleased to have Reverend Brother Dennis Magbanua FSC, Director of the La Salle Brothers Community in Hong Kong, to be our guest. He graced the occasion by presenting prizes to our graduates and students. Brother Dennis reminded the graduates and students to “love tenderly, act justly and walk humbly with God”, as the greatest LAW of the land was God’s love. The night ended with the singing of the school song and lots of photo-taking. We wish the class of 2020 all the best in their future endeavours. 

GRUEN Project Announcement
GRUEN Project Announcement

The College is glad to announce that Chui Tsz Yeung Donald (4G, 2020-21) and his GRUEN Project groupmates from various countries have been awarded the "Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Honorable Mention" prize. This award recognizes the outstanding performance of one select group from Cycle 2 of GRUEN. The participants would like to thank their Teacher Advisor, Miss Alsace Cheung, for her guidance and support.

Seven boys from Form 3 last year (2019-2020) joined the Green Urban Environment (GRUEN) Project which was held between mid-March and September. GRUEN is a project for secondary school students in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Europe that has internationalisation at its heart. The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union and organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong SAR. 

Under GRUEN, students use a specially-designed online Moodle workshop to participate in asynchronous online discussions and share their perspectives, exchange ideas, and develop their concepts for a green urban environment while also familiarizing themselves with key sustainability principles and best practices of the EU under the 7th EAP. 

The GRUEN website - 

Green Prefects Announcement
Green Prefects Announcement

This year, La Salle College joined the Green Prefect Programme and Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme, both jointly organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee, the Environmental Protection Department and the Education Bureau.

The Green Prefects and Ambassadors will strive to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and implement environment-related activities in the school for the benefits of all students and the wider community. 

Gifted Education Programmes
Gifted Education Programmes

The College is pleased to announce that our students participating in the HKUST Dual Programmes have gotten marvelous results and been awarded certificates of excellence and merit. They are:
Certificate of Excellent Performance :
CHAU CHUN HEI (4G) - Phy (Pre stage)
YAM DAMON (3C) - Maths (Pre stage)
PONG POK HIM (3B) - Phy (Level 1)
TSANG SIU YIN (3C) - Phy (Level 1)
WONG KAI HON (4G) - Phy (Level 1)
YUE TSUN MING (4G) - Life Science (Level 1)
ZHANG BAI NING (4G) - Maths (Level 1)
LEE CHING SUM (3A) - Phy (Level 1)
LOCK CHEUK YIN ANDREW (5G) - Phy (Level 2)

Certificate of Merit :
CHEUNG MAN HEI (3E) - Phy (Pre stage)
CHIU HO HIN GEOFFREY (4G) - Maths (Level 1)
CHUI TSZ YEUNG (4G) - Maths (Level 1)
KWAN JEREMY (4F) - Maths (Level 1)
LI BRIAN HAO-FEI (5G) - Maths (Level 1)
POON YU SUM MATTHEW (5G) - Life Science (Level 1)
LAU TSZ HONG (4G) - Maths (Level 2)
TAM LOK HANG (4E) - Maths (Level 2)

Congratulations to all certificate awardees and thanks to Mr. John Mak for his coordination work.

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2020
Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2020

The College is pleased to announce that 5 graduates of the 2020 cohort have been awarded the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence for their undergraduate studies. They are:

Chau Yuet Hang
Kwok Man Ho
Chan Marco
Jaluka Harsh
Lee Wing Pok

Congratulations to all the scholarship awardees and we wish them every success in their future studies. 

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