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The Opening of the College on 6th Jan 1932
Inter-school Badminton (Senior)
Inter-school Table Tennis (Senior)
International Biology Olympiad
Computer Team Announcement
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F.1 Information Day
Talent Quest 2021
News & Events
The Opening of the College on 6th Jan 1932
The Opening of the College on 6th Jan 1932

La Salle College formally opened her doors to students on 6th January 1932.
6th Jan 2022 marks the 90th Anniversary of our school’s establishment.
The story of La Salle begins in 1917 when the Brothers of St. Joseph's College opened a junior school on Chatham Road, near Rosary Church. Kowloon was expanding rapidly at that time and demand for school places was rising. Br. Aimar, the then Director of St. Joseph's, realized that a new school building was necessary. He acquired a piece of land on Boundary Street in the late 1920s as a site for the new La Salle College.
On 5th November, 1930, Sir William Peel, the Governor of Hong Kong, laid the foundation stone of the new building. By 3rd December 1931, the work on the building and the playgrounds was sufficiently advanced to allow the opening of eight classes under the management of five Brothers from St. Joseph's College and four Assistant Masters, Messrs. Charles Dragon, Francis Chan, James Ng and Benedict Lim, from the Chatham Road School. 303 students were present on that day.
On 6th January 1932 came the formal inauguration; seven Brothers headed by Rev. Br. Aimar as Director, took over and a few days later 40 boarders occupied their quarters in the west of the building. There were then 540 students in 14 classes.
For seven years the College thrived under the wise guidance of Br. Aimar. The students achieved excellent results in the Matriculation Examinations, the laboratories were getting into shape, four Tennis courts and a full-sized football pitch were built and the lovely statue of St. John Baptist de La Salle that now stands in front of the College was erected. The number of students increased to 805 in 1935 and 1060 in 1939.

Inter-school Badminton (Senior)
Inter-school Badminton (Senior)

La Salle College won the overall champion for the Inter-school Badminton (Senior) Competition. Congratulations to all team members, coaches and teacher-in-charge!

Inter-school Table Tennis (Senior)
Inter-school Table Tennis (Senior)

La Salle College Table Tennis Team has captured second place in the Inter-school Table Tennis (Senior) Competition. Congratulate to the team members, coaches, and teacher-in-charge for all their hard work!

International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest 2021
International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest 2021
Our school topped the International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest 2021! 
With six students receiving medals for their exceptional performances, our school came first in the score and was awarded The Best School Award. The details are as follows:
Gold – CHAU Chun Hei (5G), HO Sing Him (6G)
Silver – LOCK Cheuk Yin (6G), YU Cheuk Nok (5G)
Bronze – CHOI Chi Hin (6F), PONG Pok Him (4G)
In particular, for scoring the highest among all participants, CHAU Chun Hei (5G) was declared Champion of the competition.
Congratulations to all the students, they will progress to season 2 of the competition and compete for the final seats to represent Hong Kong. Thanks to Mr Martin Wong for his guidance and support.

#lasallecollegeofficial #LSCBiology #SecondToNone 

Computer Team Announcement
Computer Team Announcement

The Computer Team is pleased to announce that the team has achieved exceptional results in recent competitions. The details are as follows:

Hong Kong Secondary Schools Software Development Invitational Contest
Xie Lingrui (6G) – Gold
Chau Chun Hei (5G) – Gold
Kwok Long Fung (6G) – Gold
Cheung Chun Lok (3C) – Silver

Lai Hong Tung Honrich (2B) – Silver
Lam Lap Yu (2E) – Silver

National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces
Xie Lingrui (6G) – First Class Honour (top-scorer in Hong Kong for two consecutive years)
Hui Sze Man (4D) – Second Class Honour
Chau Chun Hei (5G) – Second Class Honour

The team would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Robert Wong, Mr. Martin Ma and Mr. Gary Ho for their guidance and support.

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