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Table Tennis Team Announcement
La Salle College Annual Concert 2019
LSCOBA Alumni Manager Election 2019
The Kiwanis Community Service Award 2019
Putonghua Department Announcement
The 16th Hong Kong Inter-school Go Competition (Secondary School Section)
The 10th Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem Solving Competition for Secondary Schools & The Joint School Mathematics Competition
HKICPA Award Ceremony for Secondary Schools 2018-2019
News & Events
Gifted Education Team Announcement
Gifted Education Team Announcement

Gifted Programmes
The Gifted Education Team is pleased to announce that the following students have achieved marvelous results in the gifted programmes they attended at HKU and HKUST respectively.

The following students were admitted as members of the Academy of the Talented at HKU:
KWOK Long Fung (4G)
CHEUNG Ngo Hin (4G)
CHOW Shing Wing (4G)
WONG Long Hin (4G)
KONG Sing Chun Herbert (5G) *
LIM Yat Chun (6G) *
* with Academic Scholarship

The following students were awarded either the Certificate of Excellence or Certificate of Merit in HKUST Dual Programmes:
CHENG HO MING - Excellent - Chemistry Level 2
KAN CHEUK HIN - Excellent - Maths Level 1
TAM LOK HANG - Excellent - Maths Level 1
HO SING HIM - Excellent - Physics Level 1
CHAU CHUN HEI - Merit - Chemistry Level 1
LAU HING KI - Excellent - Engineering Level 1
CHUI TSZ YEUNG - Excellent - Maths Pre-stage
CHIU HO HIN GEOFFREY - Excellent - Maths Pre-stage
LEE CHING SUM - Excellent - Physics Pre-stage
TSANG SIU YIN - Excellent - Physics Pre-stage
MUI LOK YIN - Merit - Maths Level 1
LAU TSZ HONG - Merit - Maths Level 1
LAI YUK MING - Merit - Maths Level 1
WONG LONG CHI - Merit - Engineering Level 1
FAN LAP KIU - Merit - Maths Pre-stage
KWAN JEREMY - Merit - Maths Pre-stage
POON YU SUM MATTHEW - Merit - Maths Pre-stage
TONG YAN CHUEN ARCHIE - Merit - Physics Pre-stage
WONG KAI HON - Merit - Physics Pre-stage
PONG POK HIM - Merit - Physics Pre-stage
Congratulations to all the awardees and thanks to the teacher coordinator Mr Mak for the liaison work. 

School Announcement
School Announcement

The IMC of La Salle College is pleased to announce that Br Thomas Lavin will be our Supervisor starting this academic year 2019-2020 as Br Patrick Tierney has assumed new responsibilities in the Lasallian East Asia District.

Br Thomas is well known to the Lasallian family as he has been a teacher, the Principal and the Supervisor of the College before. We welcome Brother Thomas again as our Supervisor.  The IMC would also like to thank Br Patrick for serving as the Supervisor of the College in the
past years.

Old Boys’ Concert 2019
Old Boys’ Concert 2019

La Salle College Old Boys’ Concert 2019 will take place on 7 September 2019 (Sat) at 7 pm at AC Hall, HK Baptist University. The concert will feature Old Boys’ Wind Orchestra, Old Boys’ Choir, Old Boys’ Chinese Orchestra and Old Boys’ Symphony Orchestra. Highlight of the night would be Mahler’s Symphony No.1 4th movement.

Tickets ($300/$150, $100/$50 - free seating) are now available here:-

See you on 7 September!

Music Board, LSCOBA

Music Team Announcement
Music Team Announcement

The Music Team is pleased to report that our Chinese Orchestra received good results in the 2nd Chinese Music Interflows 2019 (2019年第二屆國際華樂會演) in Osaka, Japan. We were invited to perform with the Japan Chinese Orchestra (日本華樂團) in the Prize-winner Concert.

The results are as follows:
Individual -
TONG Wang Him Benjamin 5B (二胡) - Gold Prize
CHOI Ho Wang 5C (琵琶) - Gold Prize
LAM Tsz Shing 2G (中阮) - Gold Prize
HUANG Yu Shing Bosco 3B (嗩吶) - Gold Prize
CHUN Ka Hung 2D (二胡) - Gold Prize

LEE Chun Yin 1A (中阮) - Silver Prize
CHIANG Cheuk Hei Elvis 1C (琵琶) - Silver Prize

Group -
Erhu Emsemble - Gold Prize
Chinese Orchestra - Gold Prize 


Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2019
Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2019

The College is pleased to announce that Chau Lok Hin (6E) has gained the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence for his BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the London School of Economics. Our two alumni, Kaya Chi (class of 2018) and Law Wai Ting (class of 2014) have both been offered the same scholarship for BA in Linguistics at Cambridge University and Master of Music in Performance at the Royal Northern College of Music respectively.

Over 800 applicants applied for the scholarship and a total of 56 undergraduate and 15 postgraduate applicants gained the scholarship.

Congratulations to Lok Hin, Kaya and Wai Ting and the College wishes them every success in their future studies. 

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