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2023 Hall of Fame of the Internet Society of America
School Opening Mass
Annual School Swimming Gala 2023
First Solo flying experience in Canada
St. John Ambulance Inter-School Competition (First Aid) Champion
STEAM Team Announcement
Inauguration Ceremony of the 49th Student Association
STEAM Team announcement - PolyU Engineering Project Competition
News & Events
2023 Hall of Fame of the Internet Society of America
2023 Hall of Fame of the Internet Society of America

Our Old Boy, Mr. Simon LAM Sin Sing (Class of 1965), has achieved an incredible milestone -- being inducted into the prestigious Internet Hall of Fame 2023, an honorary lifetime achievement award administered by the American organisation, Internet Society (ISOC). This esteemed recognition acknowledges individuals from around the world who have made exceptional contributions to the conceptualisation, construction, and advancement of the global Internet, including those who have made crucial, yet often unnoticed, contributions behind the scenes.

Mr. Lam's ground-breaking invention of secure sockets in 1991 and his implementation of the first secure sockets layer, SNP, in 1993, have revolutionised security research for distributed applications. His significant contributions have created a paradigm shift in the field, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Simon LAM on this marvellous achievement and express our great pride in sharing the news of his remarkable accomplishments. 



School Opening Mass
School Opening Mass

Our school came together in a beautiful celebration of faith and unity during the Opening Mass. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Reverend Father Bernardo Cervellera and Reverend Father Ambrose Mong as our celebrants of our Opening Mass. In the presence of our dedicated teachers, staff, and enthusiastic students, we offered prayers of thanksgiving and asked for guidance and wisdom.

With hearts full of gratitude, we gathered to seek blessings for the upcoming academic year. The Mass reminded us of the importance of perceiving the world through the lens of faith and recognising the needs of others as we embark on our educational journey.

In the meantime, the committee members of the Catholic Society have been commissioned to cultivate the Catholic ethos on our campus throughout the upcoming year.

As we begin this new chapter, let us carry the spirit of the Opening Mass with us. May the values instilled during this sacred time inspire us to shine our light on and make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Annual School Swimming Gala 2023
Annual School Swimming Gala 2023

 The Annual School Swimming Gala was held on 22nd September, 2023. It was a great honor to have Dr. Calvin Mak, President of the Old Boys' Association, as our Guest of Honor for the event. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the prize winners.

Announcement from Aviation Club
Announcement from Aviation Club

This summer 4 current students and 3 Old Boys (class of 2021) received flight training up to a first solo, being able to fly alone in the cockpit for the very first time without being accompanied by instructors, in Canada. They translated all that they learnt here at the LSC Aerospace Lab and HK Aviation Club and put all their knowledge into practical use up in the air. Finally, all of them realised their dreams of flying and obtained their first solo certificate. Thanks to Mr. Samson Kwok (HK Aerospace Leaders Association), Mr. Hogan Loh (HK Aviation Club) and Mr. Charlie Leung (parent helper) to make it possible. Congratulations to the teacher Advisors of the LSC Aviation Club, Mr. Kennard Liu and Mr. Terry Lam.

St. John Ambulance Inter-School Competition (First Aid) Champion
St. John Ambulance Inter-School Competition (First Aid) Champion

The La Salle College Cadet Division of SJA Brigade HK won the Champion in Y/H&K Inter-Divisional First-Aid Competition for the Lion League on 17 Sept. Thank you to Old Boy mentors and Teacher Advisors.


Luo Ho Chun (5F, SJA Chairman 2023-24) and KWOK Pak Hei (6D)

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