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The 10th STFA Seaward Woo College Inter-school Super 24 Competition
Christmas Eve Mass
Scout Association of Hong Kong Kowloon Region Kowloon City District Scout craft Competition
Inter-school Badminton Competition
2018 Inter-school Cross Country competition
The Wind Orchestra was awarded a Gold Prize in the 2018 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows Symphonic Band Contest
Talent Quest 2018
The Chinese Orchestra awarded a Gold Prize in the 2018 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows Chinese Orchestra competition
News & Events
The 3rd Asian Youth Athletics Championships
The 3rd Asian Youth Athletics Championships

The Athletics Team is pleased to announce that 7 student athletes were selected from our school to represent Hong Kong in the 3rd Asian Youth Athletics Championships. Of the seven, Fung Chun Wai Henry (5D) participated in the 400m Hurdles and won a silver medal.
The Hong Kong Team collected a gold and 2 silver medals.

Congratulations to Henry and thanks to his teacher advisors, Mr Ma and Mr Szeto; the Athletics Team members; and all Old Boy and parent supporters.

Badminton Team announcement
Badminton Team announcement

The Badminton Team is proud to announce that they have captured the Championship in the 2019 Inter-school Badminton Championship held on Sunday 17th March. Results of the competition are as follows:

Semi-final LSC vs Fukien Secondary 3:0
Final LSC vs DBS 3:0

Overall: Champion

With the championship in A Grade and B Grade already won in November, our school badminton team is able to win a grand slam with all grades championships as well as the overall championship. This is a marvelous achievement of the team. Congratulations to all team members.

Thanks must go to their teacher advisor Mr Leung, coach Mr Lam, Mr Tong and all old boy and parent supporters.

Music Team announcement
Music Team announcement

The Music Team is proud to announce that the Chinese Orchestra has captured the championship in the 2019 Inter-school Music Festival Chinese Orchestra competition. This is the 5th consecutive year that our school captures the championship.

The pieces the orchestra played are:
Set piece: 拉薩行 - 第四樂章《打鬼》 - 關廼忠
Own Choice: 憶 - 劉長遠

The performance was well received by the adjudicators and audience. The Chinese Orchestra will also play in the Prize-Winners' Concert in Sha Tin Town Hall on 27 April at 7pm.

Congratulations to the Chinese Orchestra, their teacher advisors Mr Wan, Mr Lam, Mr Fong, conductor Mr Ng, and all old boy and parent supporters. 

Math Team announcement
Math Team announcement

The 9th Inter-school T-puzzle Competition
The Math Team is pleased to announce that they have achieved marvelous results in the 9th Inter-school T-puzzle Competition held on 2 Mar 2019. The results are as follows:

Champion: Ho Yat Man (1G)
First Class Award: Tsang Siu Yin (1A)
Second Class Award: Lo Hei Long (1A)
Second Class Award: Ho Sing Him (3D)
Third Class Award: Ke Wong (1C)

Congratulations to the Team and thanks to their teacher advisors Ms. Luk, Mr. CS Wong as well as student advisors Wong Chun Ho (4C) and Cheng Shing Fung (4G) for their guidance and coaching. 

Table Tennis Team announcement
Table Tennis Team announcement

The Table Tennis Team is pleased to announce that they have achieved marvelous results in the Inter-school Table Tennis B Grade competition held on 3rd March 2019. Results are as follows:

LSC 3:1 QC
LSC 2:3 DBS 
Overall: B Grade 1st runner-up

Congratulations to the team and thanks to their coaches Mr Lee, Mr Hung, Mr Kwong and teacher advisors Mr Yeung, Mr Fung and all old boys and parent supporters.

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